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This is an idea of the musical collaboration project "NUMBERS".

It contains ten tracks - from "0" to "9".

Each track should last as long as its title says: track "One" - for one hour, "Two" - for two hours, etc. A "Zero" track is used for sound tuning at the beginning, and lasts one to two minutes.

This is a collaboration project for a variety of musicians around the world. Each artist participating in the project expresses his vision of a number in the title track through music - depending on his own understanding, as well as on the ways said number is traditionally treated by people and/or perceived in different nations and cultures. This means that every track may combine totally different thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Here are some examples of ideas and thoughts that the composers can express through tracks:

‘1’ - loneliness, creation, peace, meditation and tranquility, or, maybe, leadership;

‘2’ - love in all of its manifestations;

‘3’ - family, harmony, relationships between parents and children, continuity of life, Trinity, harmony;

‘4’ - established rhythm of life: work, new challenges and successes, travels;

‘5’ - human being as the measure of all things - from birth through maturity to adulthood and old age;

‘6’ - game of fate, illusion, temptation, search for the unknown and impossible and existence among illusory values;

‘7’ - happiness in the struggle, spiritual quest, enlightenment, nirvana;

‘8’ - death, struggle, disillusionment, rejection of death, acceptance, tears, weeping, acceptance of death;

‘9’ - the quintessence of life. What does ‘life’ mean to you? For some it’s happiness, for others it’s disappointment, for some it’s peace and concord...

And the finale - the unity of people, the world that we create and can do better.

The right to select the themes and improvisations is given to participating producers and studios eager to work on mastering and mixing. Any of them can master one track.

Thus, the entire project is expected to last 45 hours plus the ‘Zero’ track.

The idea of ​​this project is collaboration of different people from around the world, to demonstrate equal rights and prove that art indeed unites all, that the music can be understood by anyone and it makes the world a better place.

The project should be carried out online. It can be presented as an open-air performance or  festival lasting 7-8 days, involving actors, singers, dancers, artists, craftsmen and others.

If technically possible, the ‘Zero’ track may be put online as an open-source project that can  be kept active for a long time by changing themes and styles for improvisation, and to which on-line participants connect and contribute with their instruments (online jam).

After the first project (e.g., NUMBERS 1 Beginning) has been completed, the second, third, etc. suchlike projects can be started. This whole concept may become very beneficial for recording studios and sound producers, as this is an opportunity for them to attract and keep the attention of the world and to showcase their possibilities and potential.

Illya Rybalko


Ukraine, Kyiv

Tags: collaboration, idea, music, numbers
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